Mother taught their children's learning, refused to go to school

A woman named Marianne Jacobs Scotland Gore Bridge, insisting that their children receive "unschooling" -- she refused to let the children accept her that school education the traditional stereotypes, but let the children through the computer games and outdoor activities in autonomous learning.

The 32 year old Mariana is a "non school education" in Scotland more than 200 supporters. Her 9 year old daughter nihao and 8 year old son Bryden at home through the educational computer games, outdoor activities and some manual chores to autonomous learning. Although some education experts think Mariana deprive their children of the right to go to school, she still insisted that should let the children choose their own daughter to school for 8 days -- nihao resolutely drop out of school to accept what kind of education, she and her brother Bryden was at home with her mom and learning. Mariana thinks this kind of free style of education not only let her children and other children like progress, also make the parent-child relationship more intimate. Educational experts hold the opposite opinion think, the school can provide a complete optimal learning environment for children. In the school, teenagers can develop critical thinking and its character by and peer exchanges, cooperation environmentalism.

In the UK, the parents can choose teaching this legal education for children at home, but Mariana this relatively loose without teaching arrangement of "unschooling" is legitimate, the British authorities say it is not clear.